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Vivian Cole - Mindfulness Collection

Vivian Cole - Mindfulness Collection

The world around you seems strange and frightening - everyone else takes part in life, only you are seemingly separated from this world of others, as if there were an invisible wall. Also invisi...

Wünschewagen - I dnt gv a fck

Wish - I dnt gv a fck

Fulfilling a special heartfelt wish for seriously ill people in their last phase of life, bringing them to their personal dream location - this is the task that the wish-wagon of the Arbeiter ...

BlogHerzmaedchen ´20

Herzmaedchen ´20

Originally, the sell of the heart girl chains was planned as a onetime campaign. When we received the terrible news in September last year that Tamara had lost the fight against “Flubber”, it...

BlogConscious Corner

Conscious Corner

Perhaps while browsing through our online shop you noticed that we sell many pieces of jewelry on demand. This means that our customers can order their desired product up to a certain point in tim...

BlogHerzmaedchen ´19

Herzmaedchen ´19

Herzmaedchen - This is how we named our project with the unforgotten Tamara. Because that's exactly what it is: Our very personal heart project. In April 2019, we were very lucky to get to kno...