Conscious Corner

Conscious Corner

Perhaps while browsing through our online shop you noticed that we sell many pieces of jewelry on demand. This means that our customers can order their desired product up to a certain point in time and only then can it go into needs-based production. In this way we know exactly how many necklaces, earrings or bracelets we actually need. Because it is really not sustainable to produce masses of goods in order to dispose of them again afterwards. But what happens to the goods that may be left over?

Products that are not sold go to our Conscious Corner. Our returns also end up here and are reused responsibly. Our Conscious Corner is not a “waste ramp”, but a lived resource and environmental protection! Because for every product sold, all 10 €, we plant a tree together with Eden Reforestation Projects . So not only have we given our B-products a life again, but also actively do something for our environment with the help of our customers. So we have been able to plant a total of 453 new trees up to the present day, August 30th, 2021! A huge thank you for that!

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