Herzmaedchen ´20

Herzmaedchen ´20
Originally, the sell of the heart girl chains was planned as a onetime campaign. When we received the terrible news in September last year that Tamara had lost the fight against “Flubber”, it was clear to us that our common path with the project would come to an end. Because our heart girl - which is Tamara - and without her it made no sense for us to continue this project.

But our heart girl should “go on living” - Tamara's family approached us with this wish. And so, in Tamara's sense, we will continue to let her very personal spirit live on with this Herzmaedchen project. And of course with every chain sold, a donation goes to the Löwenzahn Center for Grieving Children and Young People e.V. and to the Hospice Association Wolfenbüttel . At the end of 2020 we were able to hand over a total of 28,500€. We hope that we canso for contribute a small piece to preserve this wonderful woman and her way of encountering life in our memories and in our hearts.

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