Herzmaedchen ´19

Herzmaedchen ´19

Herzmaedchen - This is how we named our project with the unforgotten Tamara. Because that's exactly what it is: Our very personal heart project. In April 2019, we were very lucky to get to know this very special person and to work with her. At that time, she was already suffering from cancer and she shared her life with the tumor - with her “flubber” - on Instagram with her followers. At all the ups and downs that this ominous disease brings with. And despite the horror, suffering and powerlessness that cancer throws at those affected and their relatives, Tamara radiated such an unbelievably life-affirming, combative and encouraging energy with her words and pictures.

As the universe wanted, our paths crossed and the result of this wonderful encounter is the Herzmaedchen project. With her self-designed necklace “Herzmaedchen”, Tamara expressed exactly what was important to her and, as we think, made up her personality: power, strength, joie de vivre, self-love!

During this first campaign, when buying a heart girl chain, you could decide whether parts of the sales would be donated to the German Cancer Aid, directly to Tamara, or half to both sides. In fact, in 2019, after the first sales campaign, we were able to hand over a total of 43,760 € ( 26,715 € Tamara and 17,045 € to the German Cancer Aid ).

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