Vivian Cole - Mindfulness Collection

Vivian Cole - Mindfulness Collection

The world around you seems strange and frightening - everyone else takes part in life, only you are seemingly separated from this world of others, as if there were an invisible wall.

Also invisible is the disease that causes thoughts and feelings, behavior and also physical processes to change in such a way that life just seems hopeless, empty and difficult.

Depression can affect anyone and it is important to recognize the signals from those affected and to help them. And that's exactly what Vivian Cole is all about, who wants to draw attention to mental illnesses with her Mindfulness Collection. She herself knows what it is like when the head no longer “plays along”. When she was nine years old, she was diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder.

She made a conscious decision to go public with her illness so that mental illnesses are brought out of the taboo zone. Nobody should feel ashamed or left alone for it. Together with us Vivian has designed very meaningful pieces of jewelry, which above all should give courage and hope. Because there is a way to overcome this invisible wall.

And with every piece of jewelry sold, ten percent of the sales proceeds go to the “Friends for Life” association, which has made it its business to educate people about depression and suicide. Because anyone who knows about the warning signals can also help.

Thanks to your support, we were able to a total of 726 € to the organization Friends for Life eV hand over.

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